Customer-friendly charging,
even without EV power contract.

Ad-hoc charging and direct payment

Offer EV drivers the option to use your charging stations even without an EV power contract. Direct payment at the station – secure and flexible. Keep 100 % of the additional profit.

intercharge DIRECT is an additional function of our product intercharge CPO and can be used by charge point operators without additional technical expenditure.

Direct payment at your charging stations: intercharge DIRECT

intercharge CPO + intercharge DIRECT

intercharge DIRECT is an additional function of our basic solution intercharge CPO for charge point operators. With intercharge CPO you can connect your charging points to the intercharge network, which allows EV drivers who have different EV power providers to also charge their vehicles at your charging stations.

1 contract + 1 interface = n possible partners and end customers

New features

Direct payment portal

  • Faster upload and management of your charge points, products and prices
  • Charge point specific management of the design of the mobile webpage for direct payment – in your corporate design or the design of your choice (corporate design of your customer, your local franchises etc.)

Issuance of receipts for the EV drivers

  • Optional issuance of receipts in PDF format sent to the EV driver’s smartphone
  • Simple overview of all the charging sessions through the automatised issuance of receipts

Access with NFC near field communication

  • Contactless access to the charging stations over the smartphone’s NFC function
  • How does it work? – Activate the NFC function in your smartphone, hold the smartphone in front of the intercharge logo and start the charging session using intercharge DIRECT

Advantages for Charge Point Operators

Greater utilisation of your charging infrastructure by including EV drivers without long-term EV power contract
No additional technical expenditure: Usage of the already implemented interface
Elaborate billing system are not required
Receive proceeds directly without delay from the payment service provider
Expansion of your service offer
User friendly charge point and pricing management via the direct payment portal

Supported payment service providers


Your own mobile intercharge direct website

about the mobile Website

As a white label solution intercharge DIRECT offers you the possibility to adapt the design of the mobile website according to your desires –for every single charging point individually.

The same flexibility permits you to configure your charging stations – prices and charging durations can be determined per charging point.

Advantages for EV drivers

No permantent contractual commitment
Charging without permanent contractual commitment
Payment via established e-commerce payment service provider
Simple recognition
Simple recognition due to the interchargedirect symbol at the station
No subsequent billing
Pending costs are indicated immediately – no subsequent billing
PDF receipts
Optional issuance of receipts in PDF format for the EV driver
Access with NFC
Contactless access to the charging stations over the smartphone’s NFC function

The intercharge DIRECT Video

Overview of prices

intercharge DIRECT

The direct payment solution for customer-friendly charging at your charging stations
5/ month per charge point

✓ Customer-friendly payment with PayPal and Credit Card

✓ No additional set-up costs

✓ No transaction fees

✓ No additional technical complexity

Unlimited integration of charge points