Opening the charging infrastructure,
expanding the range,
increasing profits

The solution for Charge Point Operators

Customer-friendly access for everyone – expand your clientele and increase traffic at your charging stations. With intercharge CPO, all EV drivers who have concluded a contract with other EV power providers in the intercharge network can easily and reliably use your charging stations. You determine the price.

intercharge CPO supports all common access media such as smartphone (remote start), RFID, NFC Plug & Charge via ISO 15118.


intercharge CPO Partners

Benefits for Charge Point Operators

Greater utilisation of your charging infrastructure through additional charging processes
Faster amortisation of your investment through additional revenue
Independent pricing at your charging points with respect to EV power providers in the intercharge network
Possibility for unlimited integration of charging stations
Conformity with the EU directive on the issue of customer-friendly access through eRoaming
Charge point specific pricing within the eRoaming platform

intercharge CPO plus intercharge DIRECT

About intercharge DIRECT

In addition to our eRoaming solution for charge point operators, intercharge CPO provides the option for a scalable direct payment system. intercharge direct makes it possible for EV drivers without EV power contract and previous knowledge to start and stop charging processes via a mobile website.

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Benefits for EV drivers

Recognition of Charging stations
Simple search and recognition of all usable charging stations due to the intercharge symbol
Only one EV power contract

Usage of all charging stations in the intercharge network with only one EV power contract

More flexibility
More flexibility while charging on account of – the increased number of usable charging stations
Billing via EV power providers
Direct billing via the independent EV power provider

Parking Space Sensors and Reservation

Incorporate parking sensor data and reservation of charging stations into your business model, thereby providing your customers of EV charging services with increased planning certainty in their everyday life as users of electric cars.

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Overview of prices

intercharge CPO

99/ month

One-time project costs for the onboarding to the Hubject platform: € 5,000

✓ Additional revenues

 Increased utilization of your charging stations

✓ Unlimited integration of charging points

✓ Unlimited number of charging operations and transactions