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Theses on the future convergence of emobility into a sub-sector of the energy industry

Author: Christian Hahn, Yasmina Thamri
Source: gwf gas + energie
“The emobility market is changing rapidly. Political, societal and technological requirements are helping significantly and request that the market participants check their business models and adapt their emobility products. This expert contribution analyses the challenges of the energy industry. With the eight theses, this article looks into the future of emobility.”

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A New Standard for Customer-friendly and Connected Electric Mobility

Author: Christian Hahn & Sebastian Crusius
Source: ESS International
“The ISO standard 15118 enables simple and intelligent charging and represents an integral part for the digital interconnection of electric vehicles.”

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Interview with Thomas Daiber on the occasion of the AACT! 2016

Author: we.CONECT
Source: we.CONECT (2016)
„Today numerous apps in the automotive sector are either outdated or provide a poor customer experience. Customer demands are changing rapidly or, as is the case in electric mobility, need to be identified in the first place. This offers new chances for young IT players in the market.“

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