For Charge Port Operators

intercharge CPO

One contract. One press of a button. Thousands of new customers.

Think big: intercharge CPO extends your reach beyond national boundaries and technologies. EV Drivers from across Europe can find your charging station, charge up and pay easily and conveniently. More visibility. More reach: more for everyone.

At a glance



Step into the light. The intercharge seal shows that your infrastructure is part of the world’s biggest eRoaming network.



Tap the full potential: intercharge CPOs allows an unlimited number of charging points and sub-partner to be connected up.



Find and be found. Customers get direct access to your infrastructure. And you get maximum reach.

What we offer

Strong partners

Big-name car manufacturers and eMobility providers can work with you in the intercharge network. Your common aim is to help electromobility achieve a global breakthrough. And the network is growing constantly: in 2017 alone, we managed to sign up 82 new intercharge partners.

Exceptional support

We make things easy for you: our support team is ready to assist you at every stage of the connection process. Digital value- adding services make the invoicing process simpler for you.

HighTech Platform

Equipped with flexible microarchitecture, user-friendly interfaces and lots of intelligent value-adding services, Hubject is the most advanced platform in the world.

Freedom of choice

Your customers have the choice: charging points are activated either by scanning the QR code in the intercharge symbol or by using RFID cards, NFC technology or Plug&Charge as per ISO15118.




per month

  • Incorporate a limitless number of charging points

  • No limit on number of charges

Set Up



  • Project costs for connecting up the IT

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