Step toward a fully scalable business

With intercharge BILLING, we envision an automated future. This is because what we have achieved in the past can be improved today: intercharge BILLING turns manual invoicing into a fully automated process.

Scale today

Wherever you start from, you can get the most out of your infrastructures’ potential with intercharge BILLING. Not tomorrow. Today.

Automate your processes

Be successful instead of having your hands full: intercharge BILLING allows you to hand over your clearing and invoicing processes over to highly effective machines.

Flex your prices

Thanks to OICP 2.2, your system can now directly communicate flexible prices to our platform. This means that by using intercharge BILLING, you can increase the complexity of your pricing models without increasing your clearing efforts.

More outcomes, less overheads

Based upon machine-readable data, intercharge BILLING is your first step toward a fully scalable charging business. Achieve simple processes and optimized utilization with these four easy steps.


Keep your partners up-to-date with one click: upload your pricing information as a CSV file to the Hubject platform.


Bring together what belongs together: provide all CDRs with related price information to allow fully automated assignment.


Define individual values: add local VAT rates to each EMP customer with few clicks in the billing portal


Ad the perfect touch to your invoices: provide personalized master data such as your logo and slogan.

Fully automated billing

Fail-safe data validation

intercharge BILLING handles every single step of the clearing process in a fully automated way. From validation to invoicing, simply set up automated invoice mailing with each of your partners and have some extra time to focus on more important tasks.

Full control

The intercharge BILLING portal allows you to centrally manage and analyze all transactions: quickly view the turnover for any selected time period, export machine-readable data and integrate it in to your existing systems and analytic tools.

High flexibility

Manage your charging conditions depending on various parameters. Set local VAT rates for each of your partners individually. With OICP 2.2, you can edit flexible prices in a fully automated way – for optimum utilization and maximum profit.

Choose your plan

Add intercharge BILLING to your intercharge CPO solution.

3500€ per year
• Valid until 2020
• Includes Service and Setup

Make your hands free for really important tasks

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