Tours, February 26 – Last week Hubject and Modulo signed a eRoaming contract in France. Modulo is a Société Publique Locale created to gather Syndicats d’Énergie in France and enable them to offer simple, seamless and open charging solutions for EV drivers. The eRoaming agreement with Modulo enables all Syndicats d’Énergie charging stations, to be visible and accessible via Hubject’s international eRoaming platform. EV drivers can then access charging stations across country borders and regardless of who operates the charging station.

While Modulo and Hubject enable cross border charging, Virta connects Modulo to the Hubject eRoaming platform. Virta offer software solutions for Charge-Point-Operators (CPO) and eMobility-Providers (EMP). Modulo started working with Virta France last year, who operate the charging infrastructure for Modulo. SIEIL in Indre et Loire is a founding member of Modulo and is an Energy Syndicate, pioneering cross-border eMobility with their charging station deployments.

Philippe Behaegel, President of Modulo: « We want to offer all drivers, both French and European, simple and reliable access to the entire charging infrastructure. This collaboration is a major step in the right direction and a significant step towards zero emission traffic. »

Nils Dullum, CSO Hubject : « Hubject makes Charging of electric vehicles simple and driving across borders using different charging operators the same. We are happy to be in France to support Modulo and their Syndicats d’Énergie via our long-term partner Virta.»


Created by sieil and sidelc, Modulo (MObilité DUrable LOcale) is a public network of charging infrastructures for vehicles using sustainable energy. The purpose of the Local Public Company is to deploy recharge infrastructures and ensure the operation, maintenance, and interoperability of chargers on the territory of its shareholder members. 
 The deployment of theses chargers is arranged in consultation with the local authorities. They are placed on a public domain, close to shops, tourist areas and other places of interest.