Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions
about intercharge, intercharge direct, the intercharge white-label app
and Hubject for drivers of electric vehicles and B2B customers.

For EV Drivers

You choose an emobility service provider from the intercharge network. You can find an overview of the various providers from our network here. Your emobility service provider allows you to access the charging stations by various means, such as via charging card, app or plug & charge.
intercharge does NOT operate its own charging stations or its own charging station backend system. intercharge combines charging stations from different operators in the intercharge network, thus enabling cross-operator charging throughout the world.
Your emobility service provider will assist you in the case of any problems with your agreement or with authorisation at a charging station. In the case of a fault with the charging station or if you have difficulty with the charging process, please contact the charge point operator. The operator’s hotline number is usually displayed at the charging station.
intercharge is an international charging network for electric vehicles. The network connects a large number of different charge point operators and emobility service providers, brought together through the B2B eRoaming platform from Hubject. All available charging stations from the various intercharge partners can be identified by the intercharge symbol.
intercharge direct is a direct payment solution from Hubject which enables drivers of electric vehicles who do not have a charging contract to charge their vehicles. intercharge direct-compatible charging stations are marked with the intercharge direct symbol. Scanning the QR code on the intercharge symbol using any QR scanner app opens a mobile payment website in your browser. On this website, you can easily select the charging product you need, and then charge your vehicle and make your payment at the charging station.

Our direct payment solution intercharge direct is offered by these partners in the intercharge network.

Charging costs may vary at charging stations within the intercharge network. Each emobility service provider has arranged its own usage agreements with the charge point operators, which are independent of intercharge. See the price models of your emobility service provider for more information.
The intercharge direct service must be offered by the operator of the charging station. You can see this from the intercharge direct logo at the charging station. As a customer, you simply need an Internet-enabled smartphone and any QR code scanner app. Payments can be made via PayPal or credit card, for example.
intercharge direct is the perfect payment solution for drivers of electric vehicles who only want to use public charging situations occasionally and therefore do not need a long-term agreement with an e-mobility service provider.
We offer three different options here:

a: You can access the website by scanning the intercharge direct logo at the charging situation. All you need is a QR code scanner to do this. You then select your desired charging product and pay the amount due securely and conveniently via mobile. The charging process can then be started.

b: If you have an NFC-enabled smartphone and if there is an NFC symbol on the intercharge sticker, you can use the NFC functionality on their smartphone to access the charging operator’s mobile website. You simply need to enable NFC functionality on your smartphone and hold the device against the intercharge symbol. The intercharge direct mobile payment website then automatically opens.

C: You can open the website m.intercharge.eu directly in your smartphone browser and enter the number displayed on the charging station on this website.

The prices and pricing structure for the charging products are determined by the respective charge point operator. There are no additional transaction fees associated with the use of intercharge direct. The summary of charging products offered by the charge point operator provides a transparent overview of the prices and corresponding charging times.

Hubject has no influence on the pricing structure of the charge point operator.

You can conveniently, securely and reliably pay for charging your vehicle through an authorised, regulated payment service provider, such as via PayPal or credit card.
At all charging stations in the intercharge network at which the operators offer this additional functionality. You can identify intercharge direct charging stations by the intercharge direct logo, which is displayed on them. If there is no logo displayed on the station, please contact the operator.
For any questions relating to the charging process with intercharge direct, you should contact the respective charge point operator.
You can charge your vehicle without setting up a long-term emobility contragt. To process a direct payment at a charging station, you can set up a ‘temporary charging service agreement’ with the charge point operator. This expires on completion of the charging process. You therefore do not enter into any long-term agreement.
Please contact the charge point operator directly in the case of any questions or problems. You can find the contact information at m.intercharge.eu after entering the charging station number (EVSE ID) in the bottom left under ‘Contact operator’.
Hubject operates an eRoaming platform. This platform enables the exchange of authentication, authorisation and (static and dynamic) POI information, as well as the exchange of charging records from all intercharge partners.

intercharge is the name of the charging network enabled by the platform and is a functional trademark of Hubject GmbH. The intercharge symbol indicates customer-friendly operation as well as cross-operator and international charging for electric vehicles. It is also a distinguishing feature for drivers of electric vehicles.