Lead the market to future mobility.

Leverage the learnings of the world’s largest eMobility platform

Hubject consulting pinpoints future business opportunities for companies ready to extend their global footprint.

Build, Measure & Learn

Fail Forward

a methodological framework and prototype to support designing your product’s user experience according to customer needs.


a functional prototype to ensure all customers needs have been taken into account.


user behaviour along the complete user journey to see if customer needs are met.

Learn & Rebuild

to continously test and improve your products.


 Bring your concepts to life

Walk the way with us

You know the way and already know what to do. We are your partner standing side by side to implement your concepts. With the right skill set and extensive experience of executing projects for the private and public sector, we navigate you through the process answering all relevant business or technology related questions.


the specific project groundwork you need and bring all stakeholders together to align on the project objectives.


let us steer the processes from the beginning to the end always committed to meet your goals.

Roll Out

Your ideas and bring them to life – from setting up charging infrastructure to entering new markets and building organizations.


Connect to our digital powerbrain

Back up your business by our data

Whatever question you have, we have the data to answer it. The digital mobility market is a highly digitalized, customer-centric world. The right data is key to secure and improve your market position. Let us use our digital powerbrain to make you better, faster and more efficient.


Frameworks, learn to ask the right questions and specify the business objectives you have.


How the insights from more than six million charging sessions worldwide and our extensive BI experience can be applied to meet your business objectives


All your decisions from strategic investments to market strategies on insights from our data and let us help you to transform your business into a data-driven one.