Initiatives to increase EV adoption and reduce carbon emissions

Young people are going on strike, demonstrating worldwide for ambitious targets to prevent climate change. They have been supported by 23,000 scientists who have signed a statement declaring that current measures to protect our climate, endangered species, our forests, our soil, and our seas are nowhere near sufficient.

Learn more about the initiative here: https://www.entrepreneurs4future.de

eRoaming and the future of eMobility

e-clearing.net, GIREVE SAS, MOBI.E S.A., Enel and Hubject GmbH have each established their own eRoaming solutions and service offerings in different countries. The pan-European eRoaming initiative was launched by representatives of these companies in the autumn of 2014 to join forces with more than 30 other companies from different industry backgrounds. Their common goal is the reduction of the existing barriers for using an electric vehicle. By committing themselves to interconnect their individual platforms the members are following a path that is desired by European policymakers. The pan-European eRoaming initiative thrives on the experience of the participating companies. Therefore emobility entities are invited to take part in the initiative.

Supporter of the pan-Euroean eRoaming initiative

Absolute customer-friendly charging in Germany

The industry initiative „Absolute customer-friendly charging” was introduced as part of the National Conference Electric Mobility. The aim of the initiative is to ensure a comprehensive and customer-friendly access to charging stations for electric vehicles in Germany. This should be achieved by facilitating the possibility of cross-provider charging and offering a direct payment solution at the charging station.

Developing a common understanding of the customer’s point of view as well as a concrete roadmap, together with Charge Point Operators, cities and relevant projects in Germany, has priority for the initiative.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy together with the German Association of Energy and Water Industries have launched this initiative, which is strongly supported by the companies Hubject and smartlab.

A working group of the German National Platform for Electric Mobility will develop specific measures to reach the objectives set for the next six months.

The initiative “Absolute customer-friendly charging” calls to contribute to more customer satisfaction by simplifying the use of charging stations and seeks for exchanges with all involved players.

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