The development of innovations for emobility
is a joint process

Our innovation management

Our partners’ aim is to make it more convenient for customers to charge their electric vehicles. To this end, we support our partner network with regular developments via our innovation management. In this way, new and proven methods help us to ensure that systematics and creativity receive consideration in equal measure. We have made it our task to always be able to offer our partners the most innovative services in our Hubject solutions portfolio.

In 2016 Hubject was awarded the distinction of Successful Practice Company by the research institute FIR at RWTH Aachen University for this holistic approach, which distinguishes it among 106 companies in Europe by a particularly innovative and successful service business.

Our innovation management is successful because…


“ …all of our market partners are actively involved in the innovation process”

The agile development of our solutions portfolio in the Partner Involvement Program helps our partners to offer new services which are tailored to the interests of electric car drivers and which can be used on the Hubject B2B market place. Through regular exchanges with our partner network, we identify requirements and customer needs in the dynamic electric mobility market at an early stage and offer – for instance with our annual intercharge network conference – a platform to discuss these developments in detail.
The Partner Involvement Program (PIP) offers participants the opportunity to collectively react to the requirements of electric car drivers and thus contribute to the dynamic development of the electric mobility market.
In May 2016 Hubject invited many national and international experts and decision-makers to the fourth intercharge network conference in Berlin. More than 300 guests and experts from the electromobility sector and related industries came together to become part of one of the largest electric mobility events in Europe.

“ …different perspectives and approaches meet”

The electric mobility market is characterised by a variety of companies from various industries and of various sizes. At Hubject we see additional value in the exchange between startups and large corporations in the automotive industry, energy suppliers and the technology sector. We make this dialogue possible in our innovation workshops with partner companies.
The aim of our Emobility Business Meetups is to highlight in greater detail the subject of electric mobility and the associated business opportunities in workshop format. Here, innovative methods and participants of various industries meet up, so that by the end of each Emobility Business Meetup specific approaches for new business models are developed.
Companies which are interested in becoming a network partner or which can imagine themselves getting a foothold in the electric mobility market are targeted at Hub’n Talk. The goal is to reduce barriers, promote exchanges and identify new areas of cooperation by means of a systematic and open approach. The discussions provide an impetus to reflect on joint innovations and aid the participants in combining business models.

“ …ideas are collected and applied in a coordinated process”

For the ongoing development of products and services it’s not only the creative part of brainstorming which is needed, but also how they are specifically refined. At our regular innovation board meetings, new product ideas are introduced using various tools such as the Value Proposition Canvas, which are then refined and assessed by an innovation panel.
At the innovation board meetings, new concepts for products and projects are presented by Hubject employees. Every employee can contribute and present their ideas, which are then examined by the Hubject Innovation Team and proposed for implementation.
The Value Proposition Canvas method has provided us with a basis to design and develop products and services for our partners with the highest possible added value.

“ …the whole team participates in the implementation of innovations”

At Hubject every employee has the chance to present their ideas, e.g. how to improve well-being or optimise processes in the office. The team makes decisions together at a monthly innovation breakfast on which suggestions should be implemented. Each employee has an innovation budget at their disposal which they can use to support their favourites via an internal crowdfunding scheme.
Based on the US approach to financing projects via crowdfunding, we enable our employees to promote innovative ideas using company-sponsored innovation budgets. All of our employees have a sum that they can throw into the pot for projects. If the minimum amount comes together, the project will be implemented with the aid of financing.
At the innovation breakfast the focus is on internal improvement suggestions for the Hubject team. Each employee gets the chance to present their ideas, for instance on how to streamline processes and improve well-being. The team decides which ideas are implemented according to different criteria.

Examples of our innovations


Do you want to give your customers the opportunity to reserve charging stations in advance?

Discover reservation of charging points

Parking Sensors

An innovative service which is geared to the interests of electric car drivers, is to transmit parking space data in front of charging stations using parking sensors.

Discover the incorporation of parking space sensors

intercharge direct

Do you want to expand your service offer with a direct payment option at the station?

Discover intercharge direct

intercharge green

Do you want to provide your customers 100% renewable energy?

Discover intercharge green


As a consortium or association do you want establish an independent eroaming platform?

Discover eHub

intercharge App

Do you want your customers to find and access charging infrastructure with one app?

Discover the intercharge app

ISO 15118

As an automotive manufacturer, Charge Point Operator or Emobility Service Provider do you want to take the next step towards connectivity and digitization? 

We prepare you for the implementation of ISO 15118

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